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Meet the Team

Emily Lemon, BSN, RN


Emily grew up in Rochester, New York and started her career as a nursing assistant in 1987 shortly after graduating from Benjamin High School in 1990. Emily relocated to multiple places throughout the years, to include Michigan and Texas, before finally settling in Las Vegas, NV.  Emily always wanted to be a nurse and started Concorde Career Institute Vocational Nursing program in 2005 and graduated in 2006. She worked a variety of nursing position while attending community college taking her prerequisites to obtain her nursing degree. Emily was accepted into the nursing program in May 2012 and graduated from the Trinity Valley Community College with her Associate Degree in Nursing in 2013.  Emily continued to work in a variety of nursing positions from, staff nurse, assistant director of nursing, staffing coordinator, MDS coordinator, unit manager, and wound care nurse just to name a few.  Emily continued with her education and received her bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2015 from University of Texas at Arlington. 

Sheree Thornton, MSN, APRN

Sheree is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with an extensive nursing background. She grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas And Sheree has wanted to be a nurse her entire life, ever since she could talk. This led her to nursing school straight out of high school. Sheree graduated nursing school with her ADN in 2010, she then went back to obtain her BSN and completed this accomplishment in 2012. After a fulfilling and successful few years on multiple medical-surgical floors, Sheree decided it was time to advance her education and further her nursing career. This led her to completing her next accomplishment of obtaining her Masters in Nursing as a family nurse Practitioner in 2016. Sheree has been a certified Family Nurse Practitioner for 5+ years and has worked in multiple different settings as well as multiple states. 

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Our Team is dedicated to making sure every client has a wonderful experience.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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